Wednesday, August 18, 2010

~building a bridge to get over n cross the river of tears~

they say past is the past we need to move on to see the future..
but how can we move on when our past is the only thing we want in the future....

one of my friends say this to me:

"don't u realize that sometimes the thing that u want in past is not actually the thing u want for future???"

yeah man~

i didn't realize it until u said that to me..



he also added that...

...sometimes the search is all we have to keep us going...


can i search my heart that lost in the path of love??

but this is something that hit back in my face...

he said:

‎"I'm sorry" is a statement. "I won't do it again" is a promise. "How do I make it up to you?" is a responsibility.



sometimes i do feel that am i the best person for her???

n the answer is no~

i knew that on the first day of Ramadan~

after i broke my fast that day, my two eyes are red, my feeling are blue..

i can’t sleep in bed cause i miss her..

but if she doesn’t miss me, than something is wrong...

cause my heart is sweet, that’s where she belong..


i kept thinking n thinking until i realize there is a difference in what we long for, what we settle for, and who we are meant for..


rite now i'm building a bridge to get over n
cross the river of tears~


but to build a bridge is really tough n it doesn't
need an individual strength..i need everyone's strength to help me to build it n cross the stream..


something's better is waiting for me
at the other side of this river of tears~


need somebody to lean on until they need somebody else to lean on.. :)

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