Tuesday, August 31, 2010

~believe me~

3 weeks has past...
slowly the pains fading away...
but she's still in my heart...
n i'm thinking of posting one of my notes for her...
so, here it is...

~believe me~

you are my pulse..
you are my blood that runs in my veins..
you are my tears that flows from my eyes..
you are the wrinkles that forms when i laugh or smile..
you are my backbone that supports me..

and ,

i wish you will stay that way..
you create the smiles on my face..
you make me shed my tears when you're sad..
you make me bleed when you said goodbye..
you make my heart beats faster when i hear your voice..

but ,

if you were gone and you don't miss me..
that's the sign that i should go..
if eternity is plenty then it's still not sufficient..
when the time comes, you'll fly away..

therefore ,

promise me that you'll fly back to my arms..
promise me when you are ready..
you know that i'll always be here..
even if my body is gone..
the memories is still there..
my heart is still yours..
even if it stops beating..

so ,

i'm not a good person but i'm loyal..
i'm a cheater but i can't cheat myself..
i DO love you..i DO need you and i DO crave for you..
all that i'm saying is , i may not be perfect but YOU make me perfect and whole..
no other person can do that..

believe me~

*have nothing to write*

p/s: Selamat Hari Raya dan Maaf Zahir Batin~

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