Monday, March 14, 2011


true love doesn't come by finding the perfect person, but learning to see an imperfect person perfectly..
maybe you're just using ''wanting to search the perfect one'' as an excuse..
i don't mind..
because i'm certainly confident that you won't find one..
but if you do, please let us meet..
i wanna have a closer look and observe with my own eyes just for once in my whole life, how does perfection looks like..

but dear (rasenye panggilan ni dh boleh digugurkan),
you can have it your way..
as i said, i don't mind..
there's no need to have a person that can't accept me..
yes i am sad..
but i won't let a single drop of my tears running down my cheek..
i'll continue to smile and laugh..
enjoying my life..
there's a person taught me this..
"in a world that's full with hatred, i only know two things..
smile and laugh out loud, even though pain will destroy my last defense.."
can have a look at her blog here..
silalah nikmati entry2 dr beliau yg sy tujukan khas untuk awak..

peluru 1: trying to make my own style of writing..*perhaps Malay + Proper English is good*

peluru 2: kak zara's blog never disappointed me..except for one entry that i can't understand a thing..*die dmam laa*

peluru 3: wanna watch Bruno Mars live in KL but unfortunately i have a paper to answer on that day..~ -.-''

Me: The bright side of having bad times is that:
In bad times --> u're able to distinguish true friends from fake ones

feels awesome can express myself today even though it's 143 today..*referring to the date*
korg faham kot 143 tu ape..~xD


LORD ZARA 札拉 said...

Should I say sorry because due to high fever, my language and vocabulary make all the readers (even myself dissapointed?).

Now, it's make me laugh as well - I can't write anything when I'm sick. Have this tendency to mess up even with my own blog.

It seems I know this quote too. >>> true love doesn't come by finding the perfect person, but learning to see an imperfect person perfectly..


anyway dik, good luck. be strong because I know U can face anything to be the succeed one. ;)

Raouf Sora said...

@kak zara: there's nothing to sorry about..akak pn demam time, sy faham situasi tu..(tringat jawab soalan essay time demam) [bnykk merapu time jawab~ -.-'']

klu akak dmam, rehat la dlu..dh revive bru la tulis balik..hehe..u'll feel it more comfortable too nnt..~:)

haha..bnyk quote sy dpt time dlm kelas poetry..sedang cuba utk keluarkan quote kate cinta ni ibarat mcm magic..bole buat org lemah jd kuat, from nobody to somebody..but to me now, love sometimes can be magic..but magic sometimes can be just an illusion..~


i'll break a leg..IsyaAllah..hehe..thanx kak zara..~ ^_^

LORD ZARA 札拉 said...

Nak pergi Parit Jawa?
Aaa..kak zara dah lama tak balik kampung sana. =.=
In case kamu lalu area Muar ke apa ke, let me know ok?


Raouf Sora said...

itu masih dalam perancangan sy lg..lame dh x jmpe geng2 time asasi dlu..rindu kt diorg..haha..ade laa 2-3 org kt area parit jawa tu..~:)

i don't know how to reach you, kak zara..~

LORD ZARA 札拉 said...



ID Skype : lord_zara

Raouf Sora said...

sudah add..hoho..~xD